English FAQ

What factions should I use in a 2 players match ?

The game has been tested to use Police and Autonomen in a 2 player match, but you can try different combinations if you want


How many units can be inside a buliding at once ?

There’s no limit


Can Police units get inside a building ?

No, they can’t and if they successfully attack one they remain in the adiacent street


What happens when a clash ends up in a tie ?

Nothing, it’s like it never happened (but the attacker’s units have already used their moves)


What happens to wounded units attacking a building?

They get inside the building directly, and they’re not considered wounded


What if a clash in which Police is involved is solved with distance attacks?

Police doesn’t get a Point (so no Public Opion card is turned)


Why units have two faces?

To help you remember wich units have already compelted their action and wich not


Can a player be completely eliminated from the game?

Yes, this can happen if all the Player’s units are eliminated, except for the Police.


What happens if a unit is wounded defending a building?

It remains inside the building


What is a “Combo Attack” ?

If you want to get a building but the adiacent street is full of enemy units you can try a Combo Attack. This means emptying the street using the new units you just created and using your units already in the street to enter the building after the clash in wich they weren’t involved (this means they didn’t use their action in this turn).

Remember to turn the units you’re using to distinguish them from the ones that can still do an action




Protesters : All the factions, except Police

Board:  it represent a city with 6 areas and a police headquarter in the center

credits: you can use them to buy riot cards or create units

riot cards: only Protesters have riot cards, they give bonuses and you can use it during your turn

blitz riot cards: you can use this cards only during a combat in wich you’re involved directly

Public Opinion Cards: They represent Victory Points for the Police, but they also give an immediate Malus every time they’re turned up

Occupation : When one or more Protester’s unit enter inside a building

Clearing out: When one or more units of any faction attack an occupied building

Movement: When a player moves a unit from an Acces Point to the adiacent street, from an Area to the adiacent one (street to street), from a street to a bulding in the same Area or from a building to the adiacent street

Clash: When a player declares an attack with one or more of it’s units againts one or more enemy units. You can only attack where you can move

Interposition : When a player decide to hinder another player units’ movement with it’s own units already placed in the same street. The other player can now decide to give up it’s movement or start a clash

Distance Attack : Blitz cards to inflict damages to other units before the contact clascarta blitz delle fazioni manifestanti permette di anticipare il risultato di uno scontro con danni aggiuntivi, si può utilizzare sia in attacco che in difesa, coperte a partire dall’attaccante

Area Points : Autonomous and Anarchists get 1 Area Point at the beginning of any turn in wich the control all the builidings inside one Area. If the completely control 2 Areas then they take 2 Area Points.

Secret Goal : Natioanlists have a Secret Goal wich they choose at the beginning ot the game without reveling it to other players

Turn / Round:  A Turn is the one playd by a single Player, a Round is the sum of all the players’ turns


Am I obliged to get out from the access point with previously wounded or just created units ?

Yes, this is a rule both for Protesters and Police. The only difference is that once in the Headquarter, Police can decide to leave its units in as long as it wants.