NO BOARD GAMES is a collective creating radical board games.

After Riot – Cast the First Stone​, No Board Games kicks off a board game revolution.


We have been promoting Riot-Cast the First Stone since 2013 and we are now heading towards new board gaming perspectives.

The board game

The crowdfunding campaign for The Fully Automated Board Game, our second creation, starts on the 21st of March 2022.

Our project has been designed for every kind of user. We aim to reach more and more people committed to nurturing critical, independent thinking and showing strong disapproval of mainstream inanity and waste of time and resources. Our goal is to offer a new scenery on an international scale, where board gaming replaces working, and reality is what you find in your board game box.  ​

Closing remarks

Developing less fantasy worlds and more reality-based board games, fostering permeable relationships, being able to choose even without rolling dice.

The Fully Automated Board Game