Why not?

Why not?

Why join our newsletter?

1 – you love radical board game culture (class struggle, corteo, riot the board game, bloc by bloc etc. etc.)

2 – you’re bored and you meditate radical actions against mainstream fantasy board game industry

3 – you are tired to pay so much money for a board game

4 – you like to support an independent and print&play publisher

5 – you want to keep board game culture sustainable as much as possible (materials, second hand, diy etc.)

For all these reason you can join our newsletter!

To spread a new radical gaming culture around the world!
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No Board Games

No Board Games


We change the name of web site and Facebook page.


As we have the hubris to create new board and cards games project based on one aim:

 destroy stupid capitalist-games.

Our daily-play is important, our societies need a reappropriation & radicalization​ of gaming culture. 

A board game play is not simply a relaxing moment for middle-class workers.

We belive that a board game can be an instrument of radical dis-education, training for the subversive mind, sociality and resistence against capitalist sadic disvalues and atomisation.

We belive that a boardgame with a revolutionary approach can extort time from the work ethic, without efficiency objective or hoped reward.

We think that board games can tell different stories. Stories about exclusion and exploitation, stigma and oppression, abuse and power.

For all these reasons we have started the NO boardgames project.



We’re working on a new game, a cards game with bluff mechanics.

The thematic?

Something about work ethic…



We are on Patreon, now you can even support us monthly!


And that’s all!

Thanks for your attention.

Stay tuned.


A board game will bury them all!

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